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What if the world between the Heaven and the Hell became a battlefield?

In The War Ends Sky, you take on the role of the Sparrows who just awakened by Three Cages, the supreme engineers. The Sparrows must finish the mission to defeat unknown invaders, the Shlyipha. During the mission, the Sparrows will absorb the enemy's essence and be stronger. However, the enemy will be more obstructive after all.

Fight the enemies with your weapons mounted by Three Sages. Up to three sub weapons with different ability. The most weapon, charge shot, will destroy enemy bullets or break enemy's weak point. Furthermore, it can hinder tough enemy's actions!

Acquiring essence from special enemy may generate sub weapons or upgrade your charge attack. It can also give you extra health.

The War Ends Sky features cinematic cut scenes. With the cut scenes, you will find out a background of the enemy or the circumstance of the Limbo. Besides, the game contains in-game cut scenes as well.

Of course! You can skip the cut scenes.

The War Ends Sky has three game modes. Arcade, Original, and Boss Rush. Arcade is a classic shoot-em-up with second experience to reach a true ending. Original is the mode grants you only main weapons throughout the first experience with some modification. Boss Rush is basically a boss battle with permadeath! In addition, you can play co-op with your friends by Gamepads.

Completing Arcade and reaching true ending will unlock game modes.

The War Ends Sky has been produced by Tristram Arts.

The soundtrack has been composed by Dibur.

Notes: The War Ends Sky is my prime project to test my capability. It has been developed by Construct 2. However, due to its nature, I would like to switch the game engine to more flexible one. It is a prototype of the game. However, I will try my best to transfer exactly same or enhanced experiences just like the demo.


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(Prototype) The War Ends Sky linux64 134 MB

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